Thursday, January 1, 2015

UNconditional love, theme for 2015!

Thought for this new year, wonderful #2015. . . #Unconditionallove!

Life is nothing without love, true love. And the best kind, the only real kind of love that fuels our hearts, souls and minds is unconditional love. When you see people rushing through their days, what do you think of them? When someone you love, a spouse, a child, a friend does something that disappoints you, how do you handle it? When you do something that doesn't live up to your expectations, are you kind and loving to yourself?

Too often we put conditions on our love, expectations that need to be met to make us deserving, and we feel bad about ourselves or about our relationships with others when we feel let down. But if we can realize that there is no letting down, because we are all perfect the way we are and deserving of love, then we can love one another fully, and leave our growth to god.

Take a moment to calm you mind and still your body. Picture a warm golden glow starting in the center of your heart, and watch it grow until it fills your whole body. Then imagine it radiating outwards until it encompasses everyone around you. Notice how no matter how much you send out, there is always more inside you, this source of never ending love and light and warmth. See everyone you meet in the glow of this beautiful warmth and love. Now pull it back inwards until it fills your own heart so fully that it might burst, be surprised by how much love your heart can hold. 

Keep this feeling with you as you move throughout your day, send it out to anyone (and everyone who crosses your path) and fill your heart with this warm love and light whenever you need a boost of unconditional love. Let it be a reminder to be good to yourself and to others! Love to you all!

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