Monday, October 27, 2014

Why we need to fuel our creative fires

 This past weekend I put on my big girl pants and took myself to a creative experience (with other people...who are also writers, artists...and editors–oh my!). 

I know, I know, this doesn't sound like a big deal. But, when you consider that the last in-person SCBWI event I've been to was, dare I say it, over 3 years ago, and that most of my writing community social interactions have taken place online since then, this is a pretty big step for me. 

There are a lot of reasons why this is. I move a lot so it is hard to establish a home base writing community. I've also been under the weather health-wise for a while and so it's been hard to get out regularly to meet with people. And, last but not least, I have the best darn-tootin' online critique group in the world, my crit buddies the WritePBers. 

Writing is my life, and I do it at home. 
So, when it comes to my writing life, I don't get out much. It’s easy to forget how important it is go out, talk to people face-to-face, discuss what you love, and plain old play. 

When we write, draw, or create in any fashion, we are channeling ideas and bringing them into fruition. This mining for gold unearths some incredible things. But constantly taking these ideas out and putting them on the page can leave us empty, and if we don't refill the well with new stimuli, new experiences, and images that we get from going out and experiencing life, we may run dry. 

So next time you're feeling stuck and the creative process has ceased to be well, productive, go out and do something! Body and mind will get a much-needed break. And, you might be struck with just the right idea to get you back in the flow.

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